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SHANGHAI RITAI VALVE GROUP CO., LTD, established in 2000 and covered an area of 20,000 km2, is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of valves. Ball valves, Check valves, Gate valves, Butterfly valves, Globe valves and Water control valve etc.are in our activity line, strictly according to international standards such as GB,ANSI,ASME,ASTM,JIS,API,BS and DIN, etc.All these industrial valves are in a variety of sizes, pressure class and materials.

To serve clients better, Ritai Group continues to meet and exceed the quality standards required in Steel & Iron, Petroleum, Chemical, Building, Foods, Nuclear, and Electric Power Industry etc. RITIAI GROUP has certified by the lS09001,API6D and JS Safety quality systems, etc.The quality of all our valves are assured by close control of our QA and QC Departments. The strict quality control also goes to all our suppliers through continuous verification of materials and part, form and function.

RITAI GROUP engineers are always engaged in improving the existing products and designing new modes to meet customers’ requirements. New designs are made in line with the same methodology and are tested under actual pressure conditions in our lab. In addition, they are subjected to cyclic operation under pressure to determine life expectancy.

  • 2001
    Set up
  • 52(Million yuan)
    Registered capital
  • 5000+
    Quality customers
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    Chemical industry

    Chemical industry is the general name of the enterprises and units engaged in the production and development of chemical industry. As an indispensable part of national economy...
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    Water conservancy industry

    Water conservancy project is used to control and allocate the surface water and groundwater in the nature, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating harm and promoting benefit.
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    Electric power industry

    The power industry is an industrial sector that converts coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear fuel, water power, ocean energy, wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy into electricity through power generation facilities...
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    Oil industry

    The upstream of oil field usually refers to the search, recovery and production of crude oil and natural gas, which is called exploration and production field. It also includes the search for underground or underwater oil and gas fields...
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    Metallurgical Industry

    Metallurgical industry refers to the industries related to smelting metals, providing ore (including mining, mineral processing, exploration and foreign trade), metal material processing, metallurgical equipment (such as refractories)...
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    Urban construction industry

    Urban construction industry is an important part of urban management. Urban construction is based on planning. Through the construction project, the urban living environment is transformed and the material facilities in the urban system are constructed.
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